ChatGPT With Voice Is Now Available To Everyone

Amid the ouster and rehiring of Sam Altman, OpenAI dropped a major ChatGPT feature for all users. This will allow users to use ChatGPT with their voice. Initially, voice capability was available to paying members. However, it is now available to all AI chatbot users, including those using GPT 3.5 for free, as well as ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

  • Here’s How OpenAI Announced ChatGPT With Voice

OpenAI announced the new feature via a post on microblogging platform of 16 inches should I order for 778 people”, which is the total size of the OpenAI team, given that it was a long night for them.

ChatGPT, in response, says: “For a large group of 778 people, assuming an average of three slices of pizza per person, and each 16-inch pizza provides approximately 12 slices, you would need to order approximately 195 pizzas. » Additionally, the chatbot also asks if the person would like to know where to place the order or any other questions regarding arranging food for a large group.

  • How To Use ChatGPT With Voice?

To use ChatGPT with voice, users must download the app on their phone, create a free account, and upon arriving at the chatbot screen, they must tap the headset icon to start a conversation. In a way, interacting with ChatGPT by voice could be more insightful and useful than asking other voice assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant just because the former has access to a vast database.

It’s a little strange that the company decided to abandon the feature amid the drama and chaos caused by Altman’s firing and return to the company; ChatGPT with Voice also indicates that recent events have not yet affected the product roadmap.

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